SIGFOX and IQRF – partners not only in logistics

Imagine a global network to transfer small data, for example to obtain basic information about your delivery. You can see where it is and in what condition. Upon arrival to your destination you collect detailed data from individual parts and communicate with these parts as needed. Wireless technologies SIGFOX and IQRF are for this use case perfect.

Long-distance transport can carry components that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, humidity or impact of other phenomena. The values measured during the journey and information about the movement of your shipment pass through SIGFOX to headquarters. You do not need to solve problems with roaming, SIGFOX is one network. Upon arrival to your destination you connect to the IQRF network and collect detailed status information from various parts of the consignment. You easily find which part is fine and where recommended maximum / minimum values of the environment were exceeded. You can signal in different parts of the supply needed information to help with the subsequent logistics.

Interconnection of these two technologies is not a problem. RCD Radiokomunikace company demonstrated its solution based on interconnection of IoT technologies - IQRF and SIGFOX - at Amper 2017. The module IOT 301 / IQRF is a part of a modular IOT system, which is a universal hardware platform for IoT devices.

Long-distance transport is not the only case where connection of these two technologies is functional and desirable.

Other use case may be automated buildings, where sensory values are measured and in case of exceeding the recommended value messages are sent outside the building into the headquarters.

Thanks to the IQRF wireless network is the coverage reliable. Even in the environment problematic for propagation of the wireless signal you can collect data from devices. It can be temperature, humidity, lighting intensity, gas or chemicals or other values. In most cases if the measured values do not deviate from the expected limits – there is no need to send this information outside the building further into the world. Values may be stored on a local server for further processing and analysis. But if there is a situation deviating from the allowed values (e.g. temperature increase in some rooms above the expected boundary, value from CO sensors exceeds dangerous level of carbon monoxide, unscheduled room lighting appears, etc.), then you can pass this alarming information over the SIGFOX network to the Internet.

SIGFOX network can also provide backup Internet connection in case of failure of the main Internet connection line providing two-way high-speed operation.

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